The online racing simulator

Real Racing 3 Terms & Conditions

1. General
1.1In order to unlock Real Racing 3 to get all its contents, your mobile/tablet needs to be connected to the internet to unlock Real Racing 3 (and any later version).
1.2You need to have checked if the Real Racing 3 version will connect to our master server(*) and allow for online play on your mobile and location.
1.3We can not accept any responsibility for any damage Real Racing 3 or any future release may cause to your property or personal health.
1.4You must be aware that we can alter any aspect of Real Racing 3 as we see fit. Improvements, fixes and/or changes made to the game, are to be expected.
1.5Extreme disruptive or offensive behaviour by a user, towards the developers or members of the community, may result in temporary suspension of the user's Real Racing 3 license.
(*)If you see a temporarly seasons, multiplayer or teams. So that means you can connect to the master server.
2. Payment
2.1Your payment will grant you the license to play the Real Racing 3 release only, depending on the type of license.
2.2When paying by In-App-Purchase, you must make sure you have notice by what you are doing before purchase anything in the game for the correct amount.
2.3Payments larger than required will have the remainder on record, for future purchases. A personal status and history of payments is available on our website.
2.4Payment in the game can not be refunded.
2.5Credit card and PayPal payments can only be refunded via your platformer like apple, android, within a common of days after purchase.
2.6Fraud warning : All fraudulent transactions using stolen credit card details are thoroughly investigated by the card issuer and banks. We are required to cooperate in supplying all relevant information to the bank in these cases, including user name, real name, address and any IP addresses used.
3. Unlock Rules and Regulations
3.1You may install Real Racing 3 on no limits of Mobile/Tablets for your own use.
3.2You will initially be able to download Real Racing 3 Unlimited times. This allows you to unlock on two devices your own cloud account only.
3.3We recognise that people may buy a new device or reinstall their operating system from time to time.
3.4You must never give your cloud saves, to any other Real Racing 3 user.
3.5Do NOT USE ANY OTHER ACCOUNT AS YOUR OWN it could happend that someone has cheating with the save game nor your account to someone else which result in a ban.
4. Privacy statement
4.1We will never sell or pass on any personal information you enter and save on our website, with the exception of point 2.6 of this agreement, or if we are required by law to give information to an authority.
4.2In order for normal usage, we do not store any data from our visitors. No cookies being used here.