The online racing simulator

Commercial Use

This is the situation where you use Real Racing 3 in a permanent or temporary game setup and you cannot make profit by charging customers who use the system.

For any commercial use is Real Racing 3 a free game to play, for demostrations can the game changed and that all leagues and cars are unlocked for temporarly time, this is mostly a week maximum

All payments through the game is in your own currency, the rates are being checked each day around 12AM, you will also see all currency in your countries used currency.

Thank you.

Promotional Use

This is the situation where you would like to use Real Racing 3 to demonstrate your hardware (for example a console, display hardware or a motion simulator). A typical situation is when your hardware is on display at a show and you allow customers to try the hardware using Real Racing 3 - and you DO NOT charge customers for this.

You have our permission to use Real Racing 3 for this purpose, with one important condition. You MUST display the following text AND the Real Racing 3, EA/Firemonkeys logo on a banner or poster clearly and visibly mounted near your hardware, in plain view of anyone who is standing nearby, and in such a position that it will be visible in photographs taken of your setup at most angles.

required text :
Racing software provided by Real Racing 3 :

The text may be translated into your own language. The Real Racing 3 LOGO must also be displayed.