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Real Racing 3 - M$, Gold & R$ Shop Content


Welcome to the store page, this is the place where all packages and prices are displayed as well as the special offers they offer, which are listed below. This content comes in handy if you're not progressing through the game. However, we continue to promise to be able to play the game without having to pay a cent for it. Please note that these prices are based on the European payment currency. This content is for sale in the game itself, also the prices you have the land will also be displayed. You pay real money for this content! So keep in mind that you don't spend excessive amounts because this is non-refundable.


If you have not received a purchase or your purchase is missing, in some cases there may be a connection issue with the App Store and you may not immediately receive your purchase. If your purchase is not delivered, please attempt to re-visit the store screen, this will perform an update to our server and all undelivered purchases will be restored to your game. Try waiting 24 hours. Your payment method may require approval, and the transaction may need to be verified before the content is applied to the game. If you are still missing your purchase after re-visiting the store, and waiting 24 hours, you can apply to get a full refund, or contact the technical support team for a reimbursement.


If you doing a cheat currency action to not purchase gold, r$ of m$ in the game, will your account directly banned with the code 10055. If you repeatly doing this may it happend that your account will be banned for a whole year.

Are you getting stuck in the game while playing?
To get extra additional content, please open Real Racing 3 and navigate to the right top where the shopping car is showing.

What is Gold, R$ and M$, what can I do with it?

In advanced you can purchasing GOLD, R$ and/or M$ to get faster access to exclusive cars, upgrades, modding or series. You pay this additional contents in a "One-Timed" payment which mean that you just pay one-timed for this content. And you can use it anytime when you one, once you spend all the purchased additional content will you not able to purchase more, you need to purchase again the content.

R$ (RacingSport)
M$ (Motorsport)
Real Racing 3 45.000 M$ - €1,99 200.000 R$ - €1,99 16 Gold - €1,99
Real Racing 3 115.000 M$ - 4,99 300.000 R$ - 4,99 42 Gold - 4,99
Real Racing 3 250.000 M$ - €9.99 420.000 R$ - €9.99 87 Gold - €9.99
Real Racing 3 520.000 M$ - €19,99 700.000 R$ - €19,99 183 Gold - €19,99
Real Racing 3 1.350.000 M$ - €49,99 2.000.000 R$ - €49,99 476 Gold - €49,99
Real Racing 3 3.000.000 M$ - €99,99 5.000.000 R$ - €99,99 1019 Gold - €99,99

How much additional content can I buy?

You can purchase unlimited gold in the store as you want. You can also VIP your cars to remove upgrade and repair time. Also will your car directly delivered to your garage, you will still have to upgrade them and that still costs R$, M$ or Gold.


Real Racing 3 provides even exclusive offer packages that you can use in the game also, it contain R$ and Gold inside one package which is cheaper as purchasing separate.

Starter Pack €4,99 200.000 R$ & 62 Gold
Boost Pack €14,99 250.000 R$ & 66 Gold
Turbo Pack €29,99 500.000 R$ & 133 Gold