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Buy an Real Racing 3 License for Yourself

Our Real Racing 3 is completely free without time restrictions, but it contains the full game so all cars and tracks.

When you access the game, you will have to download all access before you can play, when start playing, you will have to buy the Nissan S15 first before you can race and gain in each competation more cars in that series.

Before you can race to others, you need tp create an account, sign in at Facebook or Game Center to play against your friends!

The game you play has no time-limit on it, which means it's a one-off fee and in return you get access to more content, free updates and you use in app purchase for faster access to other cars.

Notice for cheaters and hackers! while playing this game will everyone hampringhanded at the same way as any other, if you tampering Real Racing 3, then you will not able to play any race while you're banned.

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Real Racing GTI
Real Racing 1 Content
Real Racing 2 Content
Real Racing 3 Content
Vehicle mod usage
Cars / Tracks 6 / 1 438 / 35 438 / 35 438 / 35
Customeize Your Car x x x
Real Tracks x x x
Real Cars x x
Real People x x x
Racing with Teams x x x

Real Racing Licenses are for life

With your purchase of a lifetime license, you will gain access to additional cars and tracks and aid a small independent development team in continuing the development of its racing simulator. We are continuously working to improve Real Racing 3 and adding new features, which you will receive at no extra cost *.

* extra payment is only required for gain access faster to more cars and upgrades